The Perfect Grilled Cheese

I could eat this Perfect Grilled Cheese every single day 🤤 I had to share all my tips and tricks for #NationalGrilledCheeseDay, a holiday I can definitely get behind. A few tips to share starting with mixing up your cheeses! These are my favorites listed below but feel free to use your top choices. If you’re unsure how they’ll taste together, just give a small slice of each a try together before you melt them all together. Medium/medium low heat is also SO key for getting the cheese to melt while keeping the outside golden brown. If your bread starts to burn before the cheese is melted (we’ve all been there), take the pan off the heat for a bit and lower the heat for the next round. I also think a bright touch, like fresh thyme, really helps give more dimension to your grilled cheese. Hot honey is also such a fun twist that is shockingly SO delicious! Regular honey works too. Lastly, grate your cheese fresh. Trust me, it really makes a world of a difference! Enjoy!!!