Double Decker Tacos

Why spend 99 cents at Taco Bell when you can spend $30 at Whole Foods and slave away in the kitchen?! 😂 Jk jk don’t listen to me. These DOUBLE DECKER TACOS taste 1000x better than Tbell (still love you tho bb) and they’re really super simple to make! And needless to say, WAY healthier!! I can’t finish this caption without letting you know that I in fact ate one of these every. single. day. after school in high school. My sister and I would drive through Tbell and pick up a post lunch pre dinner lil snack Monday-Friday without fail. Idk if my mom and dad even know we did this… we kinda kept it a secret bc my mom hated when we ate fast food. We’re such rebels @amanda_stantonn😂 Any who, here’s the recipe for my ol’ favorite 🌮