Gold Rush Cocktail

Who doesn’t love a festive cocktail? While my St. Patrick’s Day partying may be behind me, I will definitely be sipping on this Gold Rush cocktail with a nice dinner tomorrow night 🍀✨ There are many variations to this classic cocktail, but I find the honey ginger syrup to be a nice twist, and you can use the syrup for tea or even just add to warm water with lemon for tons of health benefits. The glitter is optional, but if you can find it either online or at the store it lasts forever since a little goes a long way and I can almost always find a fun occasion to use it for. And for the inevitable egg white questions, yes you can skip it but it gives the cocktail a nice foam on top. A tablespoon of aquafaba (the liquid you find in your can of chickpeas) will get the job done as well.